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Women’s work cannot be understood within the dichotomy of paid and unpaid, or the public and private. May it be the unpaid, invisiblized and unacknowledged household and care work, or the paid participation in the labour force, or the subsistence activities women engage in, women’s work is always mired within the politics of gender.

Sahaj – An Organization for Women’s Development

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Month: February 2022

Beadwork – In Depth

Beadwork – In Depth

The art of creation glass beads probably originated in Venice, Italy. From early 14th century, the production of beads started. From there the production of beads encouraged to other parts of Europe, the most prominent being Bohemia, France, England, and Holland.
But this art came in limelight in Gujarat from 19th century and flourished till 20th century.
Gujarat is considered the centre of bead craft in India. This craft was first produced in Junagadh and was practiced for several years. Now it is also practiced in the Saurashtra region, Rajkot, Amerli, Ahmadabad, and Dahod. Skilled tribes make delicate and beautiful items using beads and string them together.
Beadwork is basically a craft that is done by stringing beads together and forming beautiful and colourful pieces like showpieces, jewellery, handbags, clothing and so much more. Popularly known as Moti Bharat across Gujarat and it is performed by local craftsmen.
Gujarat actually specializes in the art of stitching beads onto clothes so as to enhance their appeal and make them look more beautiful. There are rows of beads that twirl to form floral and geometrical shapes. All these beads flow over the clothes with vibrant and vivacious energy.
Beadwork techniques are broadly divided into several categories, including loom and off-loom weaving, stringing, bead embroidery, bead crochet, bead knitting, and bead tatting. All are suited to the apprentice but you need to desire project carefully.

Beadwork – In Depth

Bead Stringing

Bead stringing is the most straightforward form type of beadwork. But it is not simple. It involves adding any beads to the string of any material and forms single, multiple or braided strands. These strands can be used as necklaces, earrings, rings, or bracelets. You can use your creativity and form a beautiful jewellery piece.

Off-Loom Bead weaving

Off-loom beadwork is done by needle and thread and beading stitches to create a chain /fabric of beads. Bead weaving is a seed bead (small beads). Small beads are called seed beads where it resembles a seed. Seed beads are different range, vary from size to size. Seed beads also come in different shapes rather than round like cubes, bugle beads, and drop beads.

Loom Beading

It is a device called a bead loom used to weave beads into a cloth-like beaded fabric. It is used to create strips of larger-sized beaded panels or flat beadwork that can be used in purses or any artwork. Loom beading faster than off-loom.

Bead Embroidery

Beads are sewn onto fabric or stitched. Bead embroidery can be used in quilting. It can also be used as cross-stitch.  Bead embroidery is one of several beadwork techniques favored by Native Americans for embellishing clothing and other items.

Beadwork has become a living for so many tribal women’s and yet it has given them a better future and present.


Beadwork in Sahaj

Beadwork is our identity; we use beads in various ways in almost the entire product range of Sahaj. It took years to achieve this; we have continued investing in skill development and skill up-gradation of our artisans. Sahaj continuously works on design development, colour combinations and have strict quality parameters. This makes our artisans master in their work and it creates beautiful products. Our Bead work is not only appreciated in Gujarat but worldwide. Sahaj is considering as the best beadwork in eastern Gujarat.

Beadwork – In Depth
Beadwork – In Depth