SAHAJ is a fair trade organization, working with tribal women artisans of eastern Gujarat. SAHAJ provides home-based livelihood opportunities to address the issue of migration, and has over 20 years experience in the field.SAHAJ has developed a beautiful range of commercially viable products out of traditional handicraft skills through design research and training. SAHAJ has created a niche market for tribal handicrafts and developed a pro-tribal brand.

At present, SAHAJ works with 1200 tribal artisan, providing earning opportunities between Rs.6000 to Rs. 45000 PA. (When they work for 40 to 160 days in a year). This helps the women to be able to stay at home, send their children to school and take care of their health and agriculture.

SAHAJ is an offshoot of Sadguru Water and Development Foundation, Dahod. SAHAJ started working informally from 1994 onwards in the Dahod district of Gujarat, and focused on the livelihood challenges confronting Bhil women. In 1998, SAHAJgrew into its own entity and sought to focus exclusively on livelihood issues of tribal women. SAHAJ thus was formally registered as a separate non-government organization in 2001 under the Mumbai Trust Act 1950.
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